Posted by: Stacey | August 7, 2008

You have to be kidding me…

Some of you know that I haven’t been feeling too well this summer.

I’ve been cranky, tired, sore, achy and battling horrible headaches.

I finally went to the dr. two weeks ago and they took an insane amount of blood to test me for every condition known to man. 😉

The initial reports were great. No hypothyroid, no liver problems, yada yada yada… everything looked fine. (Excluding the osteopenia in my hip– that’ll be another story, another day.)

I was shocked to have a message today to call the Dr.’s office.

I call and find out that I tested resoundingly positive for no only Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever but ALSO Lyme Disease.

How lucky am I?

Ugh. Just thinking about it gives me a headache! LOL!

Thank goodness, I was put on antibiotics “just in case” and I have been feeling better. One more week of antibiotics and hopefully those little boogers of bacteria in me will be totally gone!

Moral of the story… if you feel bad. Don’t feel guilty. There might be something causing it. 😉



  1. Good grief! At least now you know how to treat it – hope that knowledge will lead you on the road to recovery . . .

  2. Hey girl…two things…I hope you are feeling better! Second, I’m so glad to have found that you are blogging again! I kept on checking your old blog to no avail and now I just discovered that you are writing in this blog. Yay!! I’ll be sure to put this down on my blogroll. Are you deleting your old one?

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