Posted by: Stacey | August 27, 2008

Nothing like a health scare…

to motivate you to do better. 

I am finally starting to feel better. Not 100%. But better and that is all I asked for. 🙂

First, I learned that women need calcium. If you are female… go buy some Caltrate (it has Vitamin D in it that is necessary for your body to absorb the calcium) and take it daily. You can get the chewables and they aren’t too bad at all. If Lyme disease hadn’t caused pain in my hips that led to an x-ray… I would have never known that my bones were already showing early signs of bone loss. I am so blessed to be able to correct this and prevent further damage before it’s too late.

Stretch daily. Seriously. Along with muscle pains and just feeling poor… I have sat around enough that my muscles are SOOOOO tight. This is causing back pain and on and on and on… If you sit most of the day, you especially need to stretch. Tight muscles can lead to a lot of problems, plus stretching helps speed lymphatic drainage and that helps keeps you well. Do it first thing in the morning still warm from bed or do it in the evening while watching tv. Just do it. You won’t regret it. It’s a life habit that we should all keep. 

Eat better.  You don’t have to be competing for a body-building contest to benefit from eating better. When I eat junk all day, I feel sluggish and my body suffers. Not only that, but it helps me to put on the pounds and that makes me feel bad physically and mentally. You don’t have to obsess over food. I still eat chocolate and cheetos, but I control the portions and I don’t do it daily. (OK, not for weeks on end anyways.;) If you need some help starting healthy eating habits… check out the food list at It has a lot of great suggestions. My favorite power meal (breakfast actually) is oatmeal with a teeny, tiny bit of brown sugar or honey to sweeten, a handful of blueberries and some slivered almonds. It seriously fills me up for a long time. I also discovered the double dark chocolate Zone bars today and they are pretty good for a decent snack.

Exercise. Regularly. I have always been an on again, off again exercise junkie. I can not believe how out of shape my body is. I went walking today with two friends and they totally kicked my butt and we only walked! Had I been exercising more regularly before getting sick, I would be bouncing back much quicker.  I plan to create a lifelong habit of exercising so that this never happens to me again. My body deserves it and the physical appearance won’t hurt either. 😉 If you need help starting, pick up a book with exercises in it. I am currently using The Body Building Bible for Women. It has lots of routines and helps you to know what to do each day and how much of what. It only requires dumbells. Cardio is as simple as getting out and walking, or running if you are in better shape than I am. 

Take your vitamins. I have had various doctors tell me over the years to take certain vitamins. I’m a terrible patient. I would take them for a week or two and slack off. I wouldn’t die or go into a coma, so I’d stop taking them. Lyme has made me WANT to take supplements because I felt so bad. I am taking Magnesium, B12, Folic Acid, a multivitamin, Calcium, Vitamin C and Olive Leaf Extract. I feel so much better and it started several days after taking my vitamins religiously. My body needed them. Processed foods that lack the nutrients we need as well as poor eating habits rob our body of what it needs. Feed it well and it will be kind to you.

If you are looking for some sort of panacea… you may want to check out Olive Leaf Extract. As some of you know, I have had Shingles before. It was the final straw in going to the doctor to find out what was wrong this summer. Olive Leaf Extract fights all kinds of viruses, including all of the Herpes family (that includes the virus that causes Shingles and the Epstein- Barr virus that causes Mono). It also fights bacteria and protozoa, which is what Lyme is. On top of that, it is reported to give an overall feeling of well-being and energy. Who doesn’t need that? It tastes bad but I’ve tasted worse. That’s my only complaint. It doesn’t taste bad enough to keep me from taking it twice a day, though. 

Sleep. Your body needs it. If you have trouble sleeping, your body can’t repair itself, your hormones don’t reset and you will have trouble losing weight. Yuck. If you can’t sleep… try a Benadryl. If that doesn’t work… ask your doctor for prescription formulas or you could always try a homeopathic remedy if you are into that sort of thing. 🙂 Whatever you do, try to get your zzz’s. 

That just about sums it all up. That is what I have learned. I am fighting with everything I have to get well. Being well is something I have taken for granted and having it robbed from me changed my perspective. Wellness is something that you need to work at and can help improve by living well.



  1. Great advice! You’re right – we tend to take health for granted until we have problems. It’s definitely something to be thankful for.

  2. Good post. I wish I had been more conscientious when I was younger. You have a good start so stick to it!

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