Posted by: Stacey | September 18, 2008

Sweet sunshine

Beautiful blue skies.

Cool, refreshing morning. 

Finally did week 1, day 1 of the Couch to 5k program and loved it. It was challenging but not, “think I’m going to die and not make it back to the van” challenging. 


Home for Epsom Salt bath. (Part of my self-prescribed detox)

Supplements (Olive Leaf, Calcium, Acidolphilus and make-me-wanna-gag Organix Flax Seed Oil

Quick trip to Rite Aid for cards.

Pick up little one

Quick trip to Kroger for a few items. (Little one cried the entire time.:()

Now, home resting. Laundry going. Dishes washes. Floor swept. Eating a nice salad with Chick-peas and Balsamic Vinaigrette. 


Overall… a very nice day. 

I am refreshed by my body’s ability to heal and improve daily.



  1. glad to hear you feeling better and sense your smile returning

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