Posted by: Stacey | September 25, 2008

Fall traditions

Life is good. 

I feel good. 

Not completely free of complaint, but overall really good. 

(I doubt many of us are truly without complaint.;))

Anyways, it’s a warm fall here but the leaves are turning and cooler weather is in the forecast. I’m thrilled. I love fall. It’s my favorite time of the year. I think it’s my favorite because it doesn’t linger long enough for me to get tired of it. 😀

Cooler weather brings a love for comfort foods. Hot chocolate. Hot tea. Oatmeal. Yum. 

I bought everything to make my mom and grandmother’s chicken casserole next Tuesday. 

Chicken Casserole

1 bag Pepperidge Farm Dressing (I use the cornbread)

1 stick butter

1 can chicken broth

1 can cream of chicken

1 can cream of celery


I don’t remember the exact recipe, and I usually just wing it anyways…. I boil the chicken and then cut into chunks. Put into a 13×9 baking dish. Then mix together broth and soups and pour over chicken. Then, put the dressing (mixed with the melted stick of butter) on top (almost an entire bag but be careful to not get it too dry). Bake for 30 minutes at 350 or until it’s all browned and crunchy on top. 


I am going to serve it with green beans and the new Steam N Mash potatoes from Ore Ida. I had a coupon for a free bag and am excited to try them out. 

Oh, I can’t wait. (Where’s a licking your lips smiley?)

I am still on my wellness kick, too. I am doing yoga several nights per week. I find my back hurts less and my foot hurts less if I stay stretched out. I am trying to run/jog/walk 3 times per week and follow that run with an Epsom salt bath. I am also using my neti pot daily and continuing my supplements. I also found a wonderful Women’s multivitamin by Rainbow. 

That’s about it. 

What are your fall traditions? I would love some new ones to add in. 😀



  1. So glad to hear you’re continuing to feel better. Fall is also our favorite time of year (big football fans).

    We’ll be in Indianapolis during the Ham festival, but one of these years I’d like to go. Maybe we can meet here in town on the 3rd if you decide to go to the conference (I won’t be able to swing childcare).

  2. […] I plan to look at the circulars and hit Kroger tomorrow to fill holes for next week.  Sweet Solace posted a recipe today that sounds like one my mom used to make with turkey or chicken…I […]

  3. well, i did not know you had picked up a blog again! What a surprise when I saw Maggie’s today. I LOVE surprises!! Good to read you again!!

  4. Hey , let me know if you are going to that conference. I am thinking of attending.

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