Posted by: Stacey | October 3, 2008

Seasons change…

Sometimes growing older is just plain hard. 

It is so hard to see my grandfather bury his brother… knowing that inevitably, the time comes for each of us. My heart breaks for my grandparents that they have reached the age where they go to many funerals. Family, friends… The anguish I see in my grandmothers face that she will most likely not see her great grandchildren get married or have their own children. It is life, but when you love someone so much… you don’t want to miss any of those special moments. 

Is this what they call “growing pains”?

My husband’s grandmother is looking at most likely being placed in a nursing home. It is so sad to watch a family torn apart as important decisions are made. A precious lady who has spent her entire life serving her family and worshipping her Savior… left unable to speak or carry on regular daily activities. 

Man, all I can think of today is the song from the old Toys R’ Us commercials….


I don’t want to grow up…



  1. B continues to be in our prayers

  2. It is hard growing up and it is hard to watch those we love grow older.

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