Posted by: Stacey | October 12, 2008

Youth Season…

For those of you who have no clue what my title means… it is Youth Deer Hunting Season this weekend and guess where my precious, 7 year old little princess of a girl is? 

Yep, in a deer stand with her daddy. 

In her Gymboree jeans and camo crocs. 

What a walking contradiction. It’s all good though because after such a difficult year with Tay (the three year old who invented the terrible 2’s and now 3’s)… she is definitely the closest thing to a son the hubby is going to get. (I probably shouldn’t say that with intact uterus and ovaries, but you get the point!)

Fall break is coming to an end and tomorrow morning life returns to the normal schedule. It is always so bittersweet ending a break. I love sleeping in with my girls, staying up late, finding things to do during the week. It is just an awesome way to speng the week. 

We started out fall break last Sunday afternoon by traveling to my parents house at Barkley Lake. We went for the last boat ride of the season. It ended with us getting stuck in the mud and my brother falling in the lake with his clothes on trying to push us out of the mud. Good times. 

The best part of the weekend for my oldest was scouring the shoreline for lost tackle/bobbers (I actually just had a typo and put boobers), and shells. Apparently there is an overload of mussels at Lake Barkley and we managed to find an entire bucket full of them. It tickled Haley to pieces. At least until Tay started breaking them… and thus more terrible 3’s to deal with.

The next day brought lots of rain and the perfect opportunity to go see a movie. Since my girls are both dog lovers, we went to see Beverly Hills Chihuahua. It was very cute and held both girls attention for the entire movie… no small feat. 

We finally finished the week off with a trip to the Country Ham Festival in Cadiz. It was extremely hot for October and we baked as we walked the streets checking out the arts and crafts booths and food vendors. Haley scored a non-alcoholic strawberry daiquiri in a real coconut that made her day, and I had some coconut gelato in a real coconut shell. It was delicious. We were going to ride rides but the cheapskate in me just wouldn’t pay $4-$5 PER RIDE. I could not believe the prices. We saved our money for a camel ride and a mini train ride after watching the pig races. It was a fun way to spend the day and we were able to take along 2 cousins in from Florida to enjoy the day with us!

This weeks return to normalcy includes 3 physical therapy appointments for me due to a pinched nerve in my shoulder that has been causing my hand to go numb. Note to self.. it is not intelligent to let a child sleep on my arm/shoulder for THREE YEARS. We have already modified sleeping arrangements since half of my hand went numb and things are improving quickly!

I am also awaiting the results from my bone density scan and some bloodwork to determine if there is a cause for my osteopenia besides heredity. The top runner for a cause is Celiac Disease and I am hoping that isn’t it because most comfort food has gluten in it. It might definitely help prevent any weight gain over the holidays, though!

It’s very quiet in the house, I had better run to see what Tay is in. Quiet is usually a warning!


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