Posted by: Stacey | November 12, 2008

I need a blank slate…

 or something like that. It seems that I keep going through the same trials over and over. 

I’m tired of thinking about the mess going through my mind and I am very sure that you (if there is a “you” any more) are tired of hearing it as well!

I need a blank slate. 

A fresh start. 

One without health concerns. Worries. Stress. 

That makes me almost laugh out loud though because that is life. If it isn’t one thing it is another and it is during those trials that we either worry until we are really sick from the worry or we learn to lay it at the feet of Jesus and praise God that we are alive and kickin’. I don’t want to live my days preoccupied in “what-if’s” and miss the life that was going on around me!

I think that if I’ve learned anything… it is that even when you think you are turning things over to God… there is always more to hand over. 

Now, on to happier things!

It is my favorite time of year. Of course, I say that at the beginning of every single season. I have seasonal ADD though, because by the time we are well into a season, I am ready for the next. *blush* I’m coming to terms with it and trying to just enjoy the day and whatever it brings… snow, sun, or rain. 

This time of year I am thankful for:

hot tea

hot chocolate

snuggling under a handmade afghan

knitting projects to keep idle hands busy

good Bible studies for long evenings

comfort food (and the challenge of converting them to eliminate multiple allergens)

Christmas music

Christmas crafts

believe it or not… Christmas shopping

time spent with family

special holiday plays and movies

cuddling with my kids (that should be much further up on the list)

missing the stomach flu that worked it’s way through church– that one was priceless

Rocky Road Ice Cream with no offending allergens! Yippee!


I am skipping church tonight. I needed some time to recouperate after being out and about all day. That probably is a lame excuse, but I am just feeling reclusive tonight. 

Here’s my agenda for the evening: yoga/stretching, baths for girls, games with Haley and knitting and Bible study in bed before sleep. If the girls want it, we may even do some hot chocolate. 


Good times. If only hubby weren’t working, it would be just perfect.



  1. There was a church sign recently that said “Write your life in pencil but give God the eraser”

  2. Know that you’re not alone – sometimes we all need a fresh start. I’m thinking about you!

  3. Rainy day, sounds like a good plan to me. Rest and recover. love ya

  4. I read every post and get updates to when you post by Bloglines. Praying for you even when I don’t have the words to comment…I just “feel ya”…totally get it. Thanks for validating my own thoughts with words!

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