Posted by: Stacey | November 25, 2008


I, ironically, have a post saved from last Thursday about health and how we have all finally started feeling better. There has been an end, finally,  in sight to all of this yuck and feeling run down. 


The irony in this is that Thursday night, Tay ended up sick. 


It sort of makes me chuckle at the irony. She was very sick Friday and Saturday. All cuddles. She took me hostage as her personal pillow. I loved it, though, so no complaints. 

She was much better Sunday but is looking a bit run down today and a low-grade temp is back. I hope that she kicks this bug soon. She has had no symptoms other than the fever and that glazed look in her eyes until today and she has had the slightest runny nose. Since I am a bit worried at her developing a cold after having what appears to have been some sort of viral fever… I decided to try out my sample of Sinupret for kids. So far it is looking like a winner as she hasn’t sniffled any since her first dose at lunch. Apparently, it is a super safe herbal remedy for boosting the immune system and supporting the sinus and respiratory system. I may have to check out the adult formula if hubby or I get a cold this season. 

This week is going to be a very long week. 

Tomorrow we have our Thanksgiving feast at Taylor’s preschool. I signed up to help and need to arrive at 8:30am to help set up. We have had a terrible time finding decorations. It seems that Thanksgiving is still days away and Thanksgiving decorations have long been replaced with Christmas decor. Pretty sad, honestly… but I did luck up on a few nice centerpieces at 90% off. 

We are celebrating Thanksgiving on Wednesday night with Shawn’s family and on Thursday we are celebrating with my family. Between the two dinners… I am cooking a double batch of cranberry sauce, 2 Hashbrown casseroles, Orange Juice Cake, and Cornbread Dressing.

I am cooking my grandmother’s recipe for the cornbread dressing. She makes the absolute best dressing and this will be my second time ever making it. The first time turned out well. I am hoping and praying it turns out well this time, too. 

I pray that each of you has a wonderful Thanksgiving this week!



  1. Happy Thanksgiving!!

  2. That is sad about decor! Sounds like you will have to hit the ground running! Better get that cornbread cooked ahead of time. I froze mine this year and it helped SO much when the time came for dressing!

  3. Sorry to hear about your little one. I hope she gets better in time for you all to have a great turkey day. Happy cooking and Happy Thanksgiving.

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