Posted by: Stacey | November 26, 2008


That is the color my poor little dog’s nose is turning and we have no clue why. 

She looks like she has a tiny pink mustache. 

Apparently, (from researching online *insert laugh*) it is trauma, allergies, Lupus or Cancer?

I think a little Aquaphor may help it. 😉

Sooooo, onto other things…. it’s cold and I am finishing a hot cup of chai and eating a hot biscuit with butter and honey on it. I baked an extra while baking my biscuits for the dressing. I had a productive day yesterday and baked my cornbread and made my cranberry sauce. I used a new recipe for it from the Williams-Sonoma website. It is pretty yummy. 

I am also excited like a little kid about a shipment arriving today. I have been eyeing Dansko shoes for a while due to their supposed abilities to comfort the feet and prevent foot, leg and back pain. It sounds like a tall order for just a pair of shoes, but everyone I know that owns a pair swears by them. The normal $130 price tag has always left me saying, “maybe later”. BUT… yesterday, I was helping my brother look for a good price on a gift for his wife and stumbled upon It is the outlet sister store to zappos. They have crazy, low prices and super fast, affordable shipping. Their entire stock of Dansko shoes are onsale for $49! I decided on two pair yesterday with the intent of returning one after trying both on or gifting one pair to my mother for her Christmas. They shipped yesterday and are scheduled to arrive today. I am so excited!

That’s my morning. Lots to do. Sick kid. Plans to do Christmas pictures today before leaving and ordering Christmas cards tonight… not looking likely unless I forever capture this season of feeling under the weather. 

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!



  1. I bought some Clarks and Easy Spirits from there for comfy work shoes. I was extremely happy. 🙂

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