Posted by: Stacey | December 5, 2008

Winner Either Way

Several years ago, I had the pleasure of resuscitating my husband’s grandmother.

It was touch and go for the majority of the ambulance ride to the hospital. (I’m a “load and go” type of gal. Some paramedics like to work on the scene, but I know my limitations and prefer to work on the way to a medical facility where they can continue what I start.) She had been in sustained v-tach for an unknown length of time and was extremely weak and diaphoretic when I arrived. She had actually been just commenting to family on scene about the beautiful “gold ceilings”. I was able to administer medicine to tame her irritable heart and coax it back into a more life-sustaining rhythm on the way to the hospital, but for a moment or two… I just wasn’t sure it was going to work and this is what she kept repeating as she started to drift off:

“If I go or if I stay… I’m a winner either way.”


That still sticks with me. Most people are frightened or complaining of pain. She had a sweet, sweet smile on her face. She didn’t complain when I was unable to start her IV on the first attempt. (Starting an IV going what felt like 90 miles an hour down a curvy, country road is a bit challenging to say the least… Did I mention I was pregnant at the time? LOL)

I want that kind of faith. That assuredness. It awes and humbles me.

On the other hand… lately, I have not felt like a winner either way– especially when it comes to taking little ones to the doctor. Two weeks ago, my youngest had what appeared to absolutely be a UTI. Took her in, clean urinalysis… start meds just in case while waiting for the urine culture because she had classic signs of a UTI. Nope. No UTI. Could have waited it out and she would have gotten over it just the same.

Tuesday, she wakes with a fever again.

This time, I think, I have learned. We will wait.

I end up waiting all of 24 hours before her fever keeps climbing and she starts complaining of ear pain. Take her in… her eardrum has ruptured.

Probably shouldn’t have waited.


Motherhood is like that, though.

We do our best but it doesn’t always turn out perfect.

Ultimately, I am a winner either way… even when it feels like I’m in the middle of a big losing streak!



  1. So true, so true. Just being mothers and having those experiences makes us winners either way. What a beautiful illustration of a faithful attitude.

  2. You gave me this blog address forever ago… and I only found it just now because I was cleaning out my inbox and other folders. What an awesome, encouraging story. Thank you for posting it.

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